A sweet zombie bite for Halloween

While reading this post, I imagine you are now recovering from the sugar rush due to all the candy you've collected while trick or treating with the kids... so, I have to come clean and admit that I'm a zombie freak, and Halloween is just an excuse for me, it's that specific time of the year the society won't judge me for it, therefore I'm so playing this card!

Ever since I was a little girl, I always dreamed of working as a special effects artist, creating all these fake wounds, burns or just bringing some zombies and aliens to life, I've grown up, became an architect and then switched it to a sweet magic wand, and the childhood dream is still kicking in from time to time.

Every year I try to come up with a new cool idea for a Halloween treat, either eyeball cake pops, a zombie mouth cupcake (which I've also created a step by step tutorial for on Instructables.com), sugar skulls, skeleton cupcakes, etc.

This year, I thought of a more of bridal thing, a zombie bridal thing, of course, combined with delicate sugar roses, but also rich of eyeballs, and sugar harvest of fingers, ears and drizzling blood.

A zombie wedding cake photo shoot won't be completed without a zombie bride! what a great opportunity to play around with makeup and liquid latex! since the fake blood I was making for the cake anyway... Yes! this is exactly what i'm saying, I was wearing the same fake blood as the cake! it's totally edible and inexpensive to make by yourself and tastes so much better that the fake blood sold on the Halloween stores (I already tried that one as well, for a costume, off course). All you need to do is mixing 8 parts of red food coloring (I used americolor food gel) with 1 part of blue food coloring (I used royal blue also by americolor), add corn syrup, start with one cup, if the color is too dark add some more, and finally add cornstarch to a thicken consistency. add a little bit at the time, till you reach a mixture that is not too runny, yet not to thick, it still needs to drizzle over the cake/face.

I'm not crazy about the idea of corn syrup consumption due its content of high fructose, (but so as the majority of the processed food you are buying at the supermarket including breakfast cereals etc.) but still, it is less harmful than the fake artificial blood that is sold for Halloween that often you have no way to tell its ingredients.

Since the design of the cake included some eyeballs I thought it just make sense for the bride to be missing one... sort of a BYOEB (bring your own eyeball)...

For the bridal accessories, I had some leftover russian veil piece (don't everyone?...) since I was making my own birdcage veil for my wedding few years ago, so I made another one for this zombie costume, while already wearing the zombie makeup, including the eye patch...

What can I say, it's one of those moments you learn to appreciate having two eyes while threading the needle...

But I was able to succeed nevertheless, even without staining it with the fake blood that I generously applied to my face!

So, I hope you enjoyed your Halloween as much as I did :) If you are left with stocks of candy like we did, spare on your kids dental health and donate it for a good cause like less fortunate kids, or care packages for the troops, you can easily google it and find the your nearest drop-off location, some dental offices are exchanging them to toothbrushes.

I found this article very usefull for way to donate your Halloween candy.

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