Semadar Gordel is a multi-disciplinary artist.

She acquired her Bachelor's degree in Architecture at the University of Tel-Aviv, Israel in 2009, practiced architecture planning underground light rail stations, as well as acquiring her Master's degree in Real Estate studies at the Technion, Israel; and studied Real Estate Appraisal, in addition.


Throughout Semadar's rigorous studies, she never forewent her other passion, that of, baking and creating masterpiece artwork.  Semadar also took the initiative to spoil her office colleagues by creating beautiful cakes and pastries as a gesture to end the week on a sweet, delicious note.  Semadar's passion for baking dates back to her childhood; not only are her goods tantalizing to the pallet but almost too beautiful to consume.


In  2015, Semadar  established COOKIEdough, pursuing her undeniable talent and passion for art and design, by adapting her architectural knowledge and experience in model and structure  building, into edible materials of the highest quality, transforming dreams into edible shapes, taste and textures.